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To any of our clients who received the Advanced Child Tax Credit throughout 2021 the IRS will be sending you Letter 6419 (more info here). Please keep this letter as we do need it to properly complete your returns! Also for this year, we will need to know the total amount you received for the third COVID-19 stimulus.

As it stands, though the federal government loves to change these, this year's current deadline for Individual and Schedule-C returns is Monday, April 18, however S-Corps and Partnership (Multi-Member LLC) returns are due Tuesday, March 15.

For 2021 the federal standard deductions are as follows:
  • $12,550 for single filers or married filing separately.
  • $18,800 for heads of household.
  • $25,100 for married filers.
  • Additional standard deduction amounts for over 65 or the blind is $1,350.
  • The additional over 65 standard deduction amount increases to $1,700 for single or head of household filers.

The Tax Cuts and Job Act abolished the Obamacare penalty on tax payers who were not covered by health insurance for 2019 and beyond. However, if you are covered by a health insurer through the Obamacare exchanges, they will send you a form 1095-A in early 2022, and we will need that form to correctly prepare your returns.

To assist taxpayers in deciding their withholdings claimed on their employers' W4 forms, the IRS provides a withholding calculator which we recommend all our clients utilize. The withholding calculator is available at this link:

IRS Withholding Calculator

Montana's highest income tax rate remains at 6.9%. More information can be obtained at the link below when the State of Montana sees fit to update its website:
Montana Income Tax Rates

Personal and Business Tax Prep/Consultation and Planning

Today’s complex business world needs a comprehensive tax team that can help you organize and manage your finances through our professional tax preparation & consultation. We help businesses and individuals stay ahead of their finances by organizing and planning for tomorrow’s success.

Our professionals bring over 40 years of combined experience, and the most up-to-date legal and technical knowledge in the industry. Let us help you prepare and plan for your financial success today!

Payroll and Bookkeeping

Our bookkeepers provide full service bookkeeping utilizing Intuit QuickBooks®, as well as payroll and small business consulting. We are focused on the needs of small businesses operating in the Flathead Valley of Montana, but we are also proud to offer our services to all 50 U.S. States.

The link below is to our client engagement agreement for payroll and bookkeeping which elaborates further on these services.

Bookkeeping Services Engagement Agreement

Payroll Services Engagement Agreement

Corporate Maintenance

We can help you file your company Annual Reports each year, and have a staff of experts that can help this process go as smoothly and as fast as possible.

Annual Minutes are yearly documents that record your company Annual Meeting information, which is to be held each fiscal year by the directors, even if it is just yourself. Included in these documents are: the date & location of your meeting, attendees, a summary of your company actions throughout the last fiscal year, and a statement as to what the company’s future resolutions are. Though they do not need to be reported, Annual Minutes must be documented in case an IRS audit were to occur. At Jeffrey D. O’Brien CPA, and Western Business and Tax Services we help you organize and file both Annual Reports and Annual Minutes.

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